Unsuspecting Kid Gets Jaws-ed By Dog

For some reason, the first thing that came to our mind after seeing our vid of the day was our favorite Steven Spielberg movie.


Yes, Jaws.

You could literally play the famous ominous tune from the movie as hints appear this unsuspecting boy is going to get ambushed in a wheat field.


It’s too bad gifs don’t come with sound.

The video is a short one but packs so much goodness within those 16 seconds. Like the subtle movement of the wheat.

Or this glimpse of a dog’s ear.

Or the hint of an impending tackle.

The tackle itself is hilarious and the high point in the vid.

The chuckle of the dad (probably) and the huge smile on the kid’s face make it okay to start laughing.

Even the pooch understands everything is cool.


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