Virtual Reality Games Now Welcome Dogs


Stress Level Zero game developers are making history as we speak with their new virtual reality tracker – although the tracker is still in the first phase of development, their idea is more than brilliant. Namely, they want dogs to show up in the VR feed of the human playing the game.

They tested the tracker on their office dog, a sweet terrier named Bandit and managed to transform the pooch into a futuristic worm-like creature within the virtual reality game realm. The collar controller, though it still needs a lot of work, tracks Bandit’s real-world movement and shows them in the game. Basically, when he sits, the worm-like thing sits as well; when he walks, the creature walks, and so on.

Their innovative device will certainly sweep pet-owning gamers off their feet as they will soon have the opportunity to take their pets into their favorite video games – how awesome is that?

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