Walk Your Dog Without A Leash In Los Angeles And You’ll Get A $100 Fine


If you walk your dog without a leash in Los Angeles, you could be slapped with a $100 dollar fine.  If it happens again, you could pay even more.

The Los Angeles City Council adopted a new system Tuesday that allows police officers to issue citations for minor “quality of life” crimes – crimes that were previously resolved with simple warnings.

From now on, city officials will be able to impose fines for offenses such as urinating in public, having dogs off leashes or dumping garbage in public streets.

Councilman Paul Koretz said these ‘quality of life’ issues are hard to enforce, since police officers aren’t willing to initiate court cases for such offenses.  He proposed the concept of the program called Administrative Citation Enforcement which will help officers deal with minor offences without going to court.

Most first offenses would be $250, the second $500 and the third $1,000. Fines for animal-related offenses begin at $100, then increase to $250 and then $500.  However, officers can still decide whether to issue a warning, a financial penalty or a criminal case.

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