Want To Lose Weight? Adopt A Dog!


Researchers from the University of Liverpool concluded that dog-friendly environments and good dog owner education could reduce obesity in both people and dogs.

Shockingly, around 40% of dog owners don’t take their pets for daily walks.  In the United Kingdom, a quarter of households own a dog, but less than half of them engage their dogs in the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

“It is easy to assume that people who own dogs are more likely to take exercise, but the reality can be very different. If all people who owned a dog walked with it every day, physical activity levels would be much improved, benefiting the health of both the owners and their canine companions,”

Carri Westgarth, lead author of the study said.

In order to find out why dog owners aren’t more active, researchers from the University’s Institute of Infection and Global Health reviewed 31 studies from the UK, USA, Australia and Japan.  The conclusion was that dog owners have a different understanding of how much exercise their beloved pet needs – a problem that could easily be solved with proper education.

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