Watch Robin Williams As Dennis The Dog In The New Absolutely Anything Trailer


Legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams died in 2014, but he lives on through the life of a dog.

In his final role, Williams lends his voice to a pooch called Dennis in the comedy film Absolutely Anything, which stars Simon Pegg as a teacher who is given unlimited powers by aliens, voiced by the Monty Python team.

Williams, who is well known for voicing the genie in Disney’s Aladdin, was thrilled to participate in such a movie, according to director and co-writer Terry Jones. Here’s what Jones said:

“I came to LA to receive an award. Robin Williams was sitting in the front row and I asked him, would you play Dennis the Dog? I’d met him before a couple of times at Terry Gilliam’s dinners. I sent him the script and he said, ‘Let’s get this baby made!’”

The film hits theaters in August, just three days after the first anniversary of the beloved actor’s death.

Watch the trailer below:

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