Watch The Heartbreaking Moment When An Abused Dog Receives Love For The First Time Ever

There are few things that are as heartbreaking as seeing innocent creatures suffer, especially when they have been tortured and abused since they were born. This is the story of a Romanian dog who has known nothing but cruelty since the day she first opened her eyes. Fortunately, her tale has a happy ending.

In the devastating video below, the terrified pup meets her rescuer and can’t seem to comprehend the idea that nothing bad will ever happen to her again. As the woman approaches to pet her, the poor pooch starts crying and screaming from fear that she will hurt her. After some time, however, the pup seems to calm down and realize that better times are in front of her.

Be sure to watch the clip until the end, as you can later see Priscilla, how she has been named by her new owner, playing and finally feeling loved.

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