Watch This Dying St. Bernard Get Her Very Last Wish Fulfilled


When Alyson Paige found out that her beloved pooch Sophia has bone cancer, she knew that she had to make her final days as enjoyable as possible and wanted to do something really special for her.

She thought about it for two months and finally decided that the best way to say goodbye to her dog was to take the 6-year-old St. Bernard to play in the snow. Since diving around in the snow had always been one of Sophia’s favorite activities, Paige contacted an indoor ski center in Manchester, U.K. and asked them if her dying dog could spend her last hours on Earth there.

The center was more than happy to grant Sophia her last wish and the terminally-ill pooch enjoyed herself in the snow for hours. Here’s what Paige said:

I can’t even begin to say how much I’m going to miss her. It’s made me happy knowing that she’s had such a wonderful day today.

Check out the heartbreaking video here:

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