We’re Celebrating National Dog Day In The Company Of Champs

In case you forgot, today is National Dog Day and we thought that an appropriate way to celebrate this very special day is by featuring a team of canine champs.

More precisely, we will be looking at pooches who have set some truly remarkable (and also super cute) world records.

Our first champ is Zeus and he is still the tallest dog ever recorded, standing at magnificent 44 inches. Zeus is, sadly, no longer with us, but he was one epic Great Dane.

In the same biological-oddity category, we also find Tigger, a bloodhound who is still the record-holder for the longest ears in the canine world. Combined, his two ears are more than 26 inches long, about 13.5 inches each. He also seems like a cool guy.

Our next record-holder is Norman who holds the world record for the fastest dog on a scooter. He went 100 yards in under 21 seconds. You can see his amazing feat in this vid.

Moving on to the unimaginably cute, we cannot fail to mention Purin, a ball-catching machine of a pooch. He caught 14 balls in one minute and showed the world that dogs can also be goalkeepers.

Perhaps the cutest record-holder of them all is Jiff, a tiny Pomeranian from LA who, in 2015, broke the record for the fastest dog on two legs. In case you were wondering which two legs, the answer is BOTH! Jiff broke the records for the fastest 10 meters on his back and the fastest 5 meters on his front legs.

What a champ!

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