Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?


Every dog owner knows that their pet can be quite amusing, but nothing can make us laugh harder than a pooch spinning around in circles, desperately trying to catch their own tail.

In order to help you understand why your pup is so obsessed about catching their tail, we have compiled a few reasons for this odd behavior:

  1. Boredom. To put it simply, bored dogs are looking for a way to have some fun, and that’s when they see their tail. Weird as it may sound, puppies may not even be aware that their tail is actually a part of their body, and actually think of it as a toy.
  2. Attention. Since you start paying attention to your dog whenever they start chasing their tail, your pooch may begin doing it to attract your attention.
  3. Genetics. Tail chasing may ruin in the family and be passed down from generations, especially in German shepherds and Bull terriers.
  4. Canine Compulsive Disorder. Although the disorder is rare, it may affect certain dogs. The good news is that it can be treated with anti-obsessive medications such as Prozac.
  5. Medical issues. If your dog wants to chew on their tail, you may need to schedule a trip to your veterinarian. Sometimes dogs chase their tails because they have fleas, worms, or irritated anal glands.

The bottom line is that you probably have nothing to worry about, but if you think something may be wrong with your pooch, talk to your vet.

Also, here’s a funny video of dogs chasing their tails:

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