Woman Wins $25K, Donates All The Money To Shelter Dogs


Samantha White, a cosmetology student in Weaverville, N.C., went to her local bank to style employees’ hair for a celebration and was completely taken by surprise when she was informed that she had won $25,000 as part of their promotion. 

However, TD Bank offered White the money with two stipulations: to spend it all in 24 hours and to give back to the community.

This modern day heroine immediately knew what she would do with the money.  Accompanied by her daughter, 7, and nine bank employees, White purchased 30,000 pounds of pet food, as well as toys and beds and covered the adoption fees for several shelter animals.

Heather Hayes, of the nearby Asheville Humane Society, told The Citizen-Times that the generous lady donated so much food that they didn’t even know where to store it.  Besides taking care of the animals in the shelter, the Asheville Humane Society also gives away pet food to families in need who are struggling to feed their dogs.

Although very few people can donate large sums of money to pet shelters, this kind woman’s story has inspired us all to help as much as we can – even the smallest donations make a big difference.

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