Would You Give Your Dog Marijuana Treats?


Medical marijuana has been used to treat many illnesses in humans, including muscle spasms, nausea from cancer chemotherapy and inflammation connected with arthritis, among many others.

But does it help sick and elderly dogs?

Quartz reports that a California woman, before a scheduled vet appointment to euthanize her 15-year-old dog, gave the Labrador mix marijuana treats made specifically for dogs. And they actually worked. The pooch got up, drank water and went outside, without any noticeable pain. The lady cancelled the vet appointment, and believes the marijuana brought her dog back.

However, the dog pot-market is still straddling a legal gray area due to the lack of industry guidelines or scientific evidence that the medical marijuana really helps our furry friends. Of course, that’s not stopping pet owners from giving their ailing friends marijuana pot to ease illness and chronic pain.

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