Would You Hire A Nanny For Your Dog?


Antonet Verschuren has been employed by an affluent Japanese couple for the past two years with the sole task of taking care of their two miniature poodles. She is a full-time dog nanny who lives with the pooches and tends to their every need 24-hours a day. In addition to feeding and grooming them, she takes them for long walks, and even shares a room with them – Verschuren sleeps on a mattress, while the pampered dogs have the sofa bed all to themselves.

“When I asked the owners about it they said that was what people did in Japan, but I noticed they had their own massive bed. They were very rich but money doesn’t always buy a certain type of hospitality.”

These dog nannies have become a must have for the super-rich and their role in the household is similar to that of a governess, except they work with four-legged furry creatures instead of kids.

If you want to hire a doggy nanny, you should know that they aren’t cheap. For instance, Verschuren charges $150 a day for live-in care. And she and her team often take the pooches on daytrips to extravagant locations such as Hampton Court Palace and the neo-palladian villa Chiswick House.

“What we offer is bespoke. It really depends on what the customer wants. For most people their pets are like their own children.”

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