Yes, Dirt Can Kill Fleas! – And So Can These Other 5 Natural Remedies


Fleas can be a pest to you and your dog at any time of the year. But many dog owners want to avoid using toxic chemicals found in many commercial flea remedies.

Here are the top 6 ways you can keep your dog naturally free of fleas.

1. Flea combs

These special combs will safely and effectively remove fleas from your pet. Just brush his fur with one of these and most pests will be removed. These are well worth the small price.

2. Regular Bathing

Give your dog regular baths. These will help keep your dog free of parasites, and he will smell better too! Plus, it can be a fabulous bonding experience for the two of you.

3. Vacuum More Often

The best way to get eggs and larvae before they become full-grown fleas is to vacuum areas of your house where your canine friend likes to hang out (or just do a big house clean). Make sure you cover those dark, hard-to-reach places where larvae may hide.

4. Dichotomous Earth

This fantastic substance does a superb job at fighting fleas in your dog’s fur. Just lightly dust some on your dog, and brush it off shortly after.

5. Geraniol

This oil is made from geraniums and tends to repel fleas. Some researchers say the oil is 400 times more effective than citronella at repelling the pests. This oil has a light scent, very similar to roses.

Although it’s also an alcohol, the small quantity you use on your dog should present no danger even when the inevitable licking occurs.

6. Set A Trap For Fleas

You can make a trap for fleas that will be safe for your pet. Set a small saucer of soapy water under a nightlight near your dog’s bed. The fleas will head toward the light and land on the soapy water, trapping them. Keep a ready supply of fresh water nearby so your dog won’t be tempted to drink from the flea trap.

Using these six simple tricks, you’ll be able to help keep your dog free of fleas. By not using commercial products made with toxic chemicals, you’ll help protect yourself, your family and your pets.

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