Yes, Dogs Can Also Get Jealous


As we all know, dogs have become more than just our pets – they are our best friends, family members and loving companions.

Keeping that in mind, it’s not surprising that recent studies have been aimed at proving that canines are capable of more complex human emotions.

For instance, we know that dogs can feel love and affection, but research has shown that they don’t feel embarassed or guilty. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have complicated emotions: dogs can actually be jealous.

Scientists at UC San Diego have found evidence that confirms that our furry friends are fearful that they might be replaced by another dog. Study author and psychology Professor Christine Harris explained that dogs aren’t jealous in the same way humans are – they experience a primordial, instinctive jealousy inherent to human babies.

“We can’t really speak to the dogs’ subjective experiences, of course. But it looks as though they were motivated to protect an important social relationship.”

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