Yes, You Can Teach Your Dog To Use An iPad


Anna Jane Grossman had a lifelong dream of becoming a dog trainer, a passion she finally decided to pursue after years of working as a journalist. Now, Grossman has her own New York-based dog school which helps pooches learn some unusual tricks and skills, the most unbelievable being how to use an iPad.

She decided to follow her heart after the financial crisis of 2008 and took a six months long dog training course which changed her life forever.

Here’s what she told CNN about her beginnings as a dog trainer:

“I really knew nothing going in, I was lucky to find my program. The training that I do is really science based. It’s all about using positive reinforcement effectively and it really chimes with who I am as a person. As soon as I stared this training I thought, clearly this is what I should be doing with my life. Everything clicked into place.”

And though it may sound impossible, here’s what she has to say about dogs on iPads:

“I wanted to show people that you can do this seemingly amazing thing with your dog very easily, that having your dog touch a tablet with their nose is a fun exercise which uses the same building blocks as when dealing with really serious problems such as aggression, anxiety or teaching your dogs to walk nicely.”

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