Your Dog Is Very Beneficial To Your Health


A new study conducted by Sandra Barker, PhD, professor of psychiatry, and director of the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University confirmed that owning a pet dog is extremely good for people’s physical and mental health.

Firstly, dogs help us avoid and combat loneliness. We love our dogs, take care of them and spend time with them. Secondly, they help us stay in shape. Barker also confirmed that a study in Japan showed that people who walk dogs were healthier than those who walked alone.

Further, exercising with your pet lowers your chance of getting osteoporosis and being around pets lowers blood pressure.

Preliminary studies conducted by Dr. Barker’s School of Medicine Center for Human-Animal Interaction research team documented that interacting with dogs help us psychologically and physiologically.

“We found that spending between 15 and 30 minutes with an Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) dog reduced anxiety and fear in patients hospitalized on an acute psychiatry unit. These patients also believed that AAT helped with their depression as well.”

And, last but not least, our canine friends make us feel genuinely happy.

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