Your Dog Makes You Healthier


We all know that dogs are wonderful pets that help us stay both happy and healthy.  Here are just some of the numerous health benefits of owning a dog. 

Firstly, dogs help people battle depression by reducing blood pressure response to mental stress and reducing mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

They make us feel comfortable and give us a sense of responsibility for another life which, in return, makes us feel self-worthier. Secondly, dogs aid humans in learning.  Reading aloud to dogs helps boost confidence in young children and students.  Besides, dogs help autistic children to be more social, develop motor skills and sleep better.

Thirdly, humans feel less lonely when they have a dog.  And, dogs can be just as good a companion as humans. Finally, people who own dogs are more physically active.  That being the case, dogs help us lose or maintain weight, feel better about ourselves and meet new people.

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